How to hang laundry properly

What can you do wrong? Quite a lot actually. In this post you will learn how to hang your laundry to be able to put on your favorite piece as soon as possible. Give it a try and you'll be amazed at how simple it is to get your favorite piece ready for use sooner than usual!

First of all, your checklist for fast, fresh laundry:

  • Remove laundry from the washing machine immediately after the spin cycle 
  • Turn laundry inside out and shake out well 
  • Pulling clothes into shape 
  • Smooth out sleeves, pant legs and pocket bags 
  • Hanging with clothespins and system 
  • Air regularly

More haste, less speed

Avoid leaving your laundry in the washing machine for too long. The sooner you take your freshly washed laundry out of the washing machine, the better. This will prevent your laundry from becoming unnecessarily wrinkled even before you hang it up. Ironing will then be easier for you. In addition, there are fabrics that develop unpleasant odors if they remain damp for a long time - including in the washing machine. There is really no need for that! 

Turn inside out to dry 

Before hanging, turn your laundry items inside out - if you haven't already done so before washing - and give each item a good, hard shake before hanging. Don't worry, your garments and linens will be able to withstand it. Turned inside out, your colored linens will be protected from direct sunlight and stay colorful. 

Pull into shape and smooth out

If necessary, pull your garments into shape and smooth out the pant legs, sleeves and pockets. For jeans and other pants with pockets sewn into them, turn them inside out into the fresh air and allow them to dry more easily.

Not only will this help the clothes dry better, this step will make it easier or possibly even save you from ironing afterwards because your clothes will have fewer wrinkles. 

Not without clothespins 

As quick and convenient as hanging laundry without pins may be, it will take a long time to dry it. With the right clothespins, you can hang your laundry so that it does not slip, sufficient air can circulate between the individual pieces and is thus dry in no time. 

  • Not without my pins - hanging up laundry with a system – this is how it's done!

Freshness, air, fragrance 

As soon as the weather permits, hang your laundry outdoors to dry. Allow your laundry to dry in the fresh air, bringing the fresh scent of the air into your closet. Fresh laundry in your closet brings joy for the whole day! Laundry hung indoors in a warm and dry room creates more humidity. It is important to regularly ventilate the room where your laundry is drying. The exchange of air promotes the drying of the laundry and prevents the formation of mold when the humidity is too high.

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