How to descale sinks and faucets in the kitchen and bathroom

One for all

There are countless descaling agents available now - liquid, powder, or tablets. That's nice and all, and probably best for the economy. Sooner or later, your storage place will burst at the seams, you won't be able to find "the right descaler" and you'll have to buy a new descaler. At this point, we recommend: Get back to the basics. Reach for your culiclean descaler tablets! With them, you can quickly and effortlessly descale many things in your household, such as

  • Kettle
  • Coffee maker
  • Steam cooker
  • Thermos
  • Drinking bottle
  • Glasses and carafes
  • Sink and washbasin
  • Faucet
  • Shower wall
  • Shower head

The descaling solution

The amount of limescale deposited will determine whether you need more or fewer tablets for the descaling solution. For normal limescale deposits, one tablet per 500 ml of water is quite sufficient. For heavy deposits, you will need two or more tablets per 500 ml of water. Now fill the water into a suitable container and add the appropriate number of tablets. After a short time, the tablets will have dissolved in the water and you can start descaling.


Soak the sponge cloth into the solution and squeeze it out over the container again to ensure that none of the descaling solution is lost. Then wipe the fittings with the sponge cloth. Then dry with a clean kitchen towel or with a polishing cloth and it will shine like new again.


You can proceed in the same way when descaling your sink:

  • Mix descaling solution (1 tablet for 500 ml of water, for stubborn limescale dissolve 2 or more tablets in 500 ml of water).
  • Apply descaling solution on sponge cloth (dip and squeeze, apply with spray bottle, ...)
  • Wipe the sink with a sponge cloth with descaling solution
  • Wipe dry with a clean kitchen towel or polishing cloth

Tip: For even distribution in the sink, pour the descaling solution into a spray bottle.

Faucet and shower head

Descaling a faucet or shower head is tricky. While you may somehow succeed in spraying the descaling solution upwards, gravity works against the solution and causes it to drip to the floor... So letting it take effect is not possible. Here are some ways to remove limescale from your faucet or shower head:

  • Grab a suitable container
  • Mix the descaling solution (1 tablet for 500 ml of water, for stubborn limescale dissolve 2 or more tablets in 500 ml of water).
  • Unscrew faucet part and place in solution or fill solution into descaling egg pull over the faucet or fill solution into plastic bag, put shower head in and tie bag shut
  • let it take effect for approx. 15 min
  • Rinse with clean water and "test" whether all holes are free of limescale
  • Assemble – ready!

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Be honest with yourself. When was the last time you descaled your kettle? The day before yesterday – 4 weeks ago, 4 months ago, at Easter or was it after Christmas? Gather up all your courage and take a look inside your kettle, and you’ll see how much limescale is already scratching at its soul… So roll up your sleeves and let’s go!

No matter how your machine brews your favorite coffee. It has to taste good! And the more your machine rumbles and rattles during preparation, the worse it tastes. Then it’s high time for descaling. With our culiclean descaling tablets, you can do this quickly and easily. The tablets leave no chemical residue after the descaling process, and after proper descaling and rinsing, your coffee maker is immediately ready for use again!