How to descale glasses, bottles, jugs and carafes

In this article you will learn how to quickly and easily descale glasses, carafes and more. And you will be surprised how clean and pristine it can be!

For this you will need

  • culiclean descaling tablets
  • Tap water
  • If necessary, a saucepan, drip bottle holder, screw top jars, etc.
  • Kitchen towel for draining and drying
  • Polishing cloth for repolishing

Here we go

Step 1

First, prepare enough descaling solution. To do this, take an appropriately sized container and fill it with the appropriate amount of tap water. Then add the appropriate number of descaling tablets and wait until they have dissolved. Feel free to stir with a plastic or stainless-steel kitchen aid.

Step 2

Now pour the solution into the vessels to be descaled and let the descaling solution do its work. After about 10 minutes, pour off the solution and rinse the vessels thoroughly with clean tap water.

Step 3

Now you can place the vessels on a kitchen towel to drain and let them air dry, or you can take a second kitchen towel and dry everything. Special carafes or glasses should be polished after descaling.

Step 4

Then put everything back in the cupboards and your household is all tidy again. Any remaining water can be quickly wiped away with a sponge cloth and dried with a kitchen towel. Clean - done!


Do you happen to have a soda maker at home? Some of them have beautiful, elegant water bottles that you can put directly on the table. But what's that? Limescale deposits on the neck and thread of the fancy bottle are not attractive. How do you remove the limescale? In the dishwasher? If that' s enough, excellent! But what if there is something left?

Narrow opening and thick belly do not favor putting the bottle upside down...

Here you will learn how to do it:

Gather all your bottles to be descaled, fill a suitable vessel with enough water and dissolve the descaler tablets in it. Then, one by one, place the bottles upside down in the container. In a suitable container, the bottles will not fall over and will descale effortlessly.

Tip: Single bottles with a narrow neck are best placed in a draining rack. Place a suitable container with the descaling solution underneath, in such a way that the thread of the bottle is immersed deep enough in the solution. Once soaked, rinse the entire bottle inside and out several times with clean tap water. Dry it off, and you're done.

You can also use discarded jam jars, pickle jars, or other canning jars, or even sturdy drinking glasses. The important thing is that the glass and bottle fit together sufficiently so that the bottle – turned upside down – has enough grip.

Turn the descaled bottle into the draining rack to dry, so that the water can drain off well from the inside of the bottle.

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