culiclean: Clean with ease

culiclean Wäscheklammern

Non Slip Clothes/Laundry Pegs (48 pieces, black-white/white-black)

culiclean Poliertuch

Microfibre Polishing Cloth 40 x 60 cm / 70 x 80 cm, Premium, Pack of 1 or 2 Cloths, Blue-Blue

Microfibre Sponge Cleaning Cloth 23 x 23 centimetres, Pack of 10, Yellow

Household Tips & Tricks

There are countless descaling agents available now – liquid, powder, or tablets. That’s nice and all, and probably best for the economy. Sooner or later, your storage place will burst at the seams, you won’t be able to find “the right descaler” and you’ll have to buy a new descaler. At this point, we recommend: Get back to the basics. Reach for your culiclean descaler tablets!

How to descale sinks and faucets in the kitchen and bathroom

No matter how your machine brews your favorite coffee. It has to taste good! And the more your machine rumbles and rattles during preparation, the worse it tastes. Then it’s high time for descaling. With our culiclean descaling tablets, you can do this quickly and easily. The tablets leave no chemical residue after the descaling process, and after proper descaling and rinsing, your coffee maker is immediately ready for use again!

How to properly descale your coffee maker

What can you do wrong? Quite a lot actually. In this post you will learn how to hang your laundry to be able to put on your favorite piece as soon as possible. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to get your favorite piece ready for use sooner than usual!

How to hang laundry properly