Hanging laundry outside – what to consider?

Lady Sunshine and Mister Moon - What is there to consider when hanging out laundry outside? The sun is shining, whoopee, whoopee, I'm about to hang out the laundry! That' s what many people think, maybe you too, and are looking forward to getting the laundry done today. The sun warms and the laundry dries faster. Perfect! But where has the color gone? Yes, it's disappointing. The laundry is dry, but the color is gone. 

A little wind 

As soon as the weather permits, it's best to hang your laundry outdoors to dry. However, the ideal place for this is not the obvious spot in the sun, but a shady spot, ideally with a light breeze. This is because the wind dries the laundry faster and smoothes it out, preventing wrinkles. Ironing should then go faster. 

Shady place, because direct sun fades the colors 

In the shade, the temperature is somewhat lower than in the sun, but your - especially colorful - laundry items will thank you. Bright colors stay fresh and vibrant longer in the shade, because direct sunlight fades the laundry. Therefore, turn your (colored) laundry inside out before hanging it up. The sun will also fade the inside of the laundry, but this is not so bad on the inside of your clothes. It is more important that the colors on the side of the clothes that is visible when worn stay nice and fresh. Seems so obvious. 

Mister Moon can do the same 

What the sun can do, in this case, so can the moon. Whether it's a mild summer evening or a cold, starry winter sky - as charming and beautiful as the moon shines from the sky, it doesn't do your laundry any good. That's because moonlight bleaches your laundry just like the sun does. Especially the light of the full moon has a particularly strong effect. 

White laundry with a sudden yellow tint

While the sun can cause colorful laundry to fade, the opposite can happen with white laundry. No, your white laundry will not shine in the brightest colors in the future, but it is possible that your white laundry gets a yellow tint in the blazing sun.

Hanging laundry in the sun to remove stains 

You can also take advantage of the bleaching effect of the sun's rays. You can bleach persistent stains that do not want to come out of your laundry with the help of the sun. Wash the affected clothes as usual and hang them with the unwanted stains in the direction of the sun. The best way to do this - if applicable - is to use a laundry rack, because this will allow you to rotate the laundry along with the course of the sun, so you will always have perfect sunlight on the unwanted stain. It is recommended that you hang the appropriate laundry items with clothespins so that the laundry item is bleached as evenly as possible. Instead of a laundry rack, you can also place your laundry items outside with the stains facing up and let the sun do its work. 

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