culiclean: Clean with ease 

"Products with meaning and purpose" - this slogan of our company ISC Brands applies especially to the products of the culiclean brand. In your kitchen and elsewhere in your household, it's all about cleanliness and hygiene, your health and ultimately your time. culiclean is designed to help you "clean with ease".

To achieve this, we have adapted proven products from commercial and industrial use and made them accessible to you. These products are:

  • Microfiber polishing cloths
  • Microfiber sponge cloths
  • Microfiber kitchen towels
  • Descaling tablets
  • Clothespins

Made in Europe 

We are proud to be able to offer you products that originate for the most part from European production – especially from Germany, Austria and France. This keeps transport distances short and quality assurance highly professional.

We have also been committed to sustainability for a long time:

  • The cleaning textiles are all hygienically washable. 
  • The plastic products such as clothespins are BPA-free and durable.
  • The descaling agents are manufactured under the voluntarily self-imposed conditions of the A.I.S.E. initiative "Sustainable Washing and Cleaning".